Complete 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

northern colorado lawn care

Liqui-Lawn offers you a complete and convenient 5 Step Lawn Fertilization program for Spring through Fall.

Early Spring:

We apply a balanced blend fertilizer with Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sulfur and a non-staining Iron formulation to bring your lawn out of its winter dormancy. A pre-emergent herbicide is applied to control crabgrass.

Late Spring:

This application continues bringing the lawns up to their growing peak through the use of a balanced blend fertilizer. We also apply broadleaf weed control and insecticide as necessary

Early Summer:

The weather plays a very important part in the fertilizer blend during the warm summer months. Balanced for the season, a slow release fertilizer blend with Iron and broad leaf weed control as necessary is applied.

Late Summer:

This application is usually very similar to the early summer application using a balanced blend slow release fertilizer with Iron to help the lawn better withstand summer heat and improve drought tolerance.


The final application is recognized as the most important of all for the health of the lawn. A ferilizer blend to feed your lawn’s roots through the winter dormant period is applied. A healthy lawn in the winter will be a more disease resistant and stronger lawn in the spring.

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